The Blocked Path

My little flair moment came early this morning as I complained about my blocked path from the parking structure to my campus classroom. The sidewalks were completely blocked! As I followed the detour signs that would force me away from my route and lengthen my journey on foot, I paused to glance down.

And there? The largest and most beautiful acorns sat waiting for me. Freshly fallen from a glorious oak tree on the far side of the parking lot, they scattered around my feet.

You know I love acorns. You know I look for the largest ones I can find. This year, however, most I find seem small and unoriginal. It’s rare to discover intact, large, and perfectly capped acorns.

I gather a few, and I rejoice in The Blocked Path that takes you to someplace you’re supposed to be, to see what you can only see there, to gather the gifts only available in that place you’d never go otherwise. If your way seems blocked, take a moment to discover the gift waiting there.

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