The Block Party

I love this particular day so much. It’s our yearly neighborhood block party for our street. We get permission to block off the street with cones, and we have a blast the entire day till midnight. We’ve added more elements this year to bless all the children including a bounce house, a visit from the ice-cream truck, and plenty of special foods. The adults sit in camping chairs in the yards of the neighbors in the middle of the street, and we socialize for hours. Sometime in the evening, the smoked meats and steaks arrive, and we all chip in for the cost. The same great neighbor takes on the grilling, the set up of shady tents, and tables.

We’re not trying to be productive, accomplish anything, or maximize something. We’re not trying to be efficient or strategic. It’s just sitting and talking in authentic, loving, and connected ways. It’s always a day of laughter and catching up. It’s a day to reflect on how the neighborhood children have grown. I love the neighborhood block party.

If you’re on a street where you can get permission to put up cones to stop thru traffic, consider a yearly block party!

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