The Blessing of a Virtual Retreat

I wasn’t sure how it would feel this morning as I spoke from the corner of my bedroom for a virtual retreat on Seated, Guarded, and Sent. Yet so quickly I realized how fantastic this event was going to be! I loved the cozy feeling of speaking to the women as they sat in their own kitchens with their coffee. Some of the women confessed they’d leave their cameras off because they had rollers in their hair and no make-up on!

Over a Zoom platform, the church welcomed the participants and began a pre-recorded worship session. They then chose names for “door prizes” that the church would mail to the winners. After each break, the host chose more names for even more prizes. How fun! After my first two talks, the host invited the women into smaller breakout rooms for “table talk” discussions. The event even included a Q & A with questions from the chat feature on Zoom. A special time! Yeah for virtual events during a pandemic! The three hours flew by.

I thought about the blessing of it all and how, even when we cannot meet together in person, we can do things like this that still allow people to connect deeply with God and one another through technology.

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