The Back Roads and Reading Maps

Driving home from a road trip to see friends with my oldest daughter, we find that a portion of the road is suddenly closed. A long stretch of highway shows only police cars directing traffic elsewhere. But there’s no detour sign, no directions, and no help–other than our GPS continually suggesting we take a u-turn to get back to the very spot we started.

We can only read the map and turn down unfamiliar roads the old-fashioned way. It’s so fun to bounce down back roads–some paved and some only muddy trails through woods and farm land.

It seemed like we’d never reach the highway, but then, just like the map showed, we intersect the highway just at the point where the road opened again to travelers. We felt so accomplished, so intelligent, and so ready for the next adventure.

In this case, the technology would never have taken us where we needed to go together, down unmarked, winding roads through Virginia.

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