The 6th Annual Halloween Boo Platter

I almost didn’t make the traditional Boo Platter this year. But, if you remember, this platter just might represent my most memorable act.

The email comes in from the 3rd grade teacher that we’re still in need of veggies for the class Halloween Party.

OK, OK, I’ll do it. 

I love the Boo Platter. It’s one of those traditions that we’ll all remember in 30 years. This year, I interviewed some children on the walk to school about their favorite vegetables. Surprisingly, broccoli won as a favorite.

So, I give you. . . The 2013 Halloween Boo Platter. The spinach dip sits on the side in a bread roll. I’m going to scatter a couple of these filled bread rolls around the platter and perhaps claim they’re actually severed heads with brains spilling out. Gross! How could I! 

They’ll love it.

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