“That will be enough for us.”

This morning before church, I read a paragraph in that little book, We Would See Jesus (Roy and Revel Hession) about all the ways we use Jesus as a means to an end. We might hope for great ministry, happiness and peace, freedom, ease, blessing, revival, or any other wonderful thing but just Jesus himself.

The writers remark that Philip in the book of John begs Jesus to “show [them] the Father, and that will be enough for [them].” Then, Jesus claims that “He who has seen Me has seen the Father.”

And, that, according to Philip is enough.

An encounter with God was enough.

Then in church, the pastor remarks that “nothing is better than an encounter with God.” He jokes about how excited we get about retweets, likes on Facebook, or blog followers (hey, why not add on book contracts?). These things that we seek, when placed against encountering God, seem downright silly. Or what about other things like marriage partners or children or houses or careers or health? Great things, yes, but not the Greatest Thing.

Show us the Father, and that will be enough.

I’ve used Jesus for far too long. 

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