That It Would Feel Like Home

Tomorrow marks the Big Day that my daughters each attend new schools: middle school and high school. 

The oldest hopes it will feel like home, and the youngest that it will feel peaceful and comfortable to be there at school all day. They want that home feeling even at school. 

I know what they mean—that longing for home—though it’s so hard to articulate. I think about how there’s nothing better than that feeling of shalom peace–that all is as it should be, that you are where you belong, that everything feels “right,” and that you’re surrounded by love. 

I pray that their days of school pass within the fortress of God’s peace that goes deeper than even their mind’s thoughts. May it feel like home. May they have peace. 

Peace: It’s a rightness in the soul, an alignment deep within to God’s love and presence.

With this prayer for peace, I’ll send them off away from this home and into their home within God. I remember Psalm 90 and how God himself is their dwelling place. 

All day long, away from here, they’re still home. 

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