Talking to Young Readers

Today I spoke with a young reader who asked me to sign her book. She wanted me to know she read This Seat’s Saved twice already (and the first time only took her one morning!). I carefully received her well-loved book, signed it for her, handed it back, and then asked if she wanted a sequel. What would you want to happen to the characters next? Whose story did you want more of?

I love to hear opinions from the young and the old. Shall we follow Margo’s story? What if she buys a horse? What if Lindsay has a book about her life in private school? What happens at the Winter Dance? What about Mrs. Burgley’s backstory? What about Alli Wu? An older reader wondered if every book that follows This Seat’s Saved should focus on one character’s journey. I loved that idea!

Meanwhile, I love that writers write and readers read. I love it when the two come together.

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