Taking the High Ground

I’m standing on Cemetery Ridge in Gettysburg. I’m here for a conference with Cru. On the ridge, you have the advantage of visibility. You even have gravity on your side. I look down across the battlefield as the sun begins to set.

Our instructor tells us that the Battle of Gettysburg was won by taking the high ground. Whoever has the high ground in warfare wins. One only has to stand on Cemetery Ridge or Little Round Top to see what the generals saw. I learn that when arriving on new terrain, the first question must always be this: How can I take the high ground?

Our instructor mentions Ephesians 2:6 as well and how we have been raised with Christ and are now seated in the heavenly realms. We have taken the high ground. We are able to see things from the perspective of God’s power, purpose, and provision. If I could add anything to my book, Seated with Christ, I would focus on another little word: up. God raised us up with Christ. We are far above the fray. We have the high ground.

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