Taking the Day As It Comes

I’m learning to think differently about the day. I normally imagine every possible event that may come my way; I visualize everything–walking from the parking lot, meeting students for office hours, teaching classes, attending meetings, joining conference calls, making dinner. It’s just how my mind works. I also write things in my head as I walk places, so I’m always ahead of what’s actually happening.

Some people live in the past; I live mostly in the future.

Stress comes along when I cannot visualize what’s going to happen. If I know I’m going to some uncertain, unpredictable setting, my mind spins because it can’t rest in an image of what’s going to happen.

I’ve learned to train my mind to delight in not knowing what’s going to happen. Instead of imagining the whole day first, I think about taking the day as it comes, staying focused on what’s happening right now, and letting God surprise me with unforeseen happenings.

I take the day as it comes.

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