Taking Care of Yourself

Today I asked my students how they are taking care of themselves. Never before have I seen so many exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious students. How are you taking care of yourself? It’s a great question to ask friends and family to remind us all that one of our jobs in life is to take care of ourselves.

Besides the obvious answers of more sleep, better hydration, and exercise, I hear two answers that I love: cooking a delicious meal for yourself (and others) and saying “yes” to a social event you might want to say “no” to.

I recently made the New York Times recipe for Mattar Panner. It was nourishing for both body and soul. I also thought about saying “yes” to a social gathering when I might have instead stayed curled up on the couch to watch TV or scroll on my phone. It’s usually better to connect with real, not virtual, people.

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