Take What Comes

I’m learning that the where or what doesn’t matter as long as I know the Who. It’s a powerful jump in maturity to know you can go anywhere and do anything because Jesus is with you. Where doesn’t matter. Who matters.

I remember early days of great risk in my life when I did things I seriously never thought I could do–whether public speaking, travel, various academic presentations, knee surgery, even marriage and children–and each time, I’d cry out, “Jesus, are You here?” When I realized that He was, everything began to settle down inside of me.

In airports, elevators in strange hotels, public bathrooms before big events, or any private space where I could run away from whatever it was I was about to do, I’d whisper the question and know the truth: Jesus is here.

And now I can take what comes because I know He’s with me. Nothing else really matters.

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