Take the Feedback

For 2019, I’m thinking of how deeply feedback matters. When you think about the areas of your life and wonder about your performance, who offers you feedback? Who has the wisdom and expertise to provide developmental guidance on any area of your life from housekeeping, meals, career, finances, relationships, spiritual growth, marriage, parenting, fitness, etc. etc. etc.

Find that person. Set up a meeting.

Today, I’m meeting with a speaking coach to help me improve in key areas of public speaking. I’m so excited! I cannot wait!

When you meet with someone for personal development in any area, you might ask: What am I doing well? Where can I improve? What next steps do you suggest? What resources might I read to continue to grow in this area? What people might you suggest I contact for mentorship in this area? What warning signs am I looking for that tell me I’m getting off track in this or that area?

Then, take the feedback.

Take the feedback!

Finally, consider how you might serve as someone to offer feedback to others, especially if you feel you have an area of expertise. When someone approached me who asked if I would like professional feedback on public speaking, I felt so loved and excited. You might be that person for someone else.

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