Tagging Along

Today I enjoyed taking a long walk around the neighborhood to the sound of melting snow and birdsong. My daughters sent me out the door, shooing me off so they might play a game they invented.

But then, they invited me to spend time with them, suggesting things like making pork dumplings and painting toenails. They do most of it; I’m just there with them. 
Their Spring Break ends today, so we spent the afternoon together. They invited me to watch an episode of Undercover Boss with them, which I promised them I would not love at all (but in fact, I am now addicted to and cried three times during the episode). 
To end this break, we are eating Greek food, which I promised them I do not love (but in fact, I follow their lead and love everything they order). 
I’m in a new phase of enjoying family life because these children invite me along with their fabulous ideas for the day. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to be included in something I did not have to plan. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to have your own children coax you into activities that they love and want you to love.
It’s a new kind of household, and it’s so much fun. 
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