Symbols of Fresh Starts

At Weight Watchers, I love how the leader will say, “Today is your fresh start!” after members share setbacks or struggles. 

All day, I think about a fresh start and how certain objects always symbolize a time for new beginnings, new joy, and personal growth. For the last 30 years, one example for me has been a new journal that symbolizes new wisdom coming. 

When I open the new journal and put that date on the first page, it’s a fresh start. Anything can happen in this new life! 

Now, on my health journey, I hear other symbols of fresh starts: new running shoes, new water bottles with fruit infusers, or new music to exercise to. All day, I remember the importance of fresh starts and the objects that symbolize a clear mark that yesterday is over and today has begun. 

On this new day, I lace up new walking shoes, greet the neighbors on my walk, and think that it’s never a wrong time for a fresh start. 

And I wonder about a new journal–maybe something with a shimmery cover. 

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