Super Easy Tip

I’m making beef sliders for the Super Bowl party we host for graduate students tomorrow night, and today I discover this super easy tip from a recipe called Easy Cheeseburger Sliders. 

Essentially, you spread your ground beef (that you’ve mixed with all your fun seasonings) into a baking pan in a nice layer. You bake it and then cut out the patties based on the size of your little buns. I’m going to use my round cookie cutter. You can’t believe how relieved I am that I won’t be sitting by a pan, forming and flipping tiny burgers all Sunday afternoon.

Living with flair has something to do with finding new strategies and lovely innovations to relieve some of the tension of keeping a home, working, raising children, loving a community, and serving in a myriad of ways. Because I’ve saved a whole afternoon by baking a pan of meat, I can visit with friends, drink a cup of tea, and have all the energy I need for the party.

I’m on the lookout for super easy tips like this as life gets busier and more complex.



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