Sunday Declutter — 10 Things

I love decluttering. You can declutter spaces, and you can declutter your mind. Try this:

In any space, challenge yourself to get rid of 10 things you don’t need or haven’t worn or used in a year. You can donate these items, sell them, or recycle them (or send them to the trash). I tried this in various spaces today including my closet, my jewelry box, and my bookshelves. I find myself feeling fresher and lighter in my bedroom. I light a vanilla candle and enjoy a more simple room.

In the space of my mind, I like to declutter by listing out everything I’m thinking about, worried about, praying about, confused about, wondering about—every thought passing through up there in my brain I dump out onto the page. It’s a great exercise to leave your troubled thoughts on a page instead of spinning around in your mind. This is why I have shelf after shelf of journals. This is why I keep two journals ready at all times so when the first one is filled, the next one is there. For a mind decluttering, you can use the principle of getting rid of 10 things. Get rid of 10 burdens, 10 worries, 10 stressors (whatever you name them), and let Jesus bear them for you. Light a candle. Sit back and enjoy a clear mind in perfect peace because you’re trusting God for those things.

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