Summer Writing Dreams

As you know, I love encouraging writers. As June 1st approaches, I wondered if you had a writing dream in your heart for the summer. What if you wrote a novel or a devotional book? What if you wrote an article for a magazine? What if you wrote down some of your favorite memories or lessons learned to share with your grandchildren? A film script? A children’s book? A recipe book? A How-To book in the area of your expertise?

Think about a summer writing project. Writing is so great for mental health, and it’s such a joyful and meaningful practice. Living with flair means writing something, anything!

I’m working on a non-fiction book and a film script! I’m also writing course material for technical writers wanting to improve their skills. Normally, I teach students in the humanities, but this coming academic year, I’m focusing on helping the scientists, engineers, and mathematicians become excellent writers in their fields.

What about you?

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