Summer Novel Writing: Begin with a Call to Adventure

Go ahead and start writing your novel this summer. If you’re wondering how to do it or where to begin, I suggest reading up on the Hero’s Journey as a fun template. What I love about the Hero’s Journey is how the story always begins in an ordinary world with ordinary people. It’s usually boring, ho-hum, and sometimes depressing.

Maybe you feel that way right now. You’re tired of ordinary living, a boring life, ennui . . .

But then! A Call to Adventure happens, and that’s when it all takes off:

A letter from Hogwarts.
A tornado in Kansas.
A white rabbit.
A giant peach.
A message from a princess in distress.

Your character, remember, might refuse the call, confuse the call, accept the call, or negotiate in some way. Your character might also not recognize the great Call to Adventure or go on the wrong adventure altogether.

Then what? Well, you tell us.

And what if this very blog is your Call to Adventure? Accept the call, cross the threshold, gather mentors and allies, overcome challenges, seize your rewards, and take the road back as a new person.

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