Strange, Unknown Harvest

We returned from our summer travels to find an enormous plant overtaking the corner of the garden. Is it a pumpkin plant? A zucchini? Squash? Watermelon? Since its roots originate from the depths of our dark, rich, nutritious compost bin––where we discarded pumpkin seeds––we think it’s a pumpkin. We consulted a horticulturalist who believes it’s most likely a pumpkin growing.

How fun to wait and see what’s coming! How curious to not know, to wonder. I think about planting our hearts in the rich, nutritious soil of God’s word. I think about how we’ll grow so beautifully and bountifully this new academic year. I think about how we often cannot predict what kind of harvest might come. But we know this:

It will be more than we can ask or even imagine (Ephesians 3). Perhaps, in October, I’ll be harvesting glorious pumpkins. I’ll keep you posted!

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