Storm Ready

Today we–like most everyone else in our community–spend the day becoming storm ready. Hurricane Sandy’s on the way, so we make sure we’re ready with water, food, lanterns, candles, and batteries. We’re also bringing in lawn furniture, propane tanks from the grill, garbage cans, and anything else that high winds might send flying.

We’re storm ready.

The activities of the day comfort us. There’s something about advance warning and preparation that settles me down inside. Of course I’m nervous and praying for folks in coastal towns, but I’m also certain we can survive if we’re wise and work together.

Normally, I like to be “in the moment” and enjoy the beauty and joy in the common thing right before my eyes. But on days like today, I shift my attention to what’s coming. I secure my borders and strengthen my interior with an eye on tomorrow.

It’s wise to keep that dual focus on the now and the yet-to-come. We secure ourselves in the Lord and strengthen our faith for whatever comes against us. We’re storm ready.

We are praying for you folks on the coast tonight!

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