Stories Around the Dinner Table

I love family dinner so much. The Italian Mamas long ago revealed to me the great investment of time, creativity, and love that comprises the family dinner. 

We’ve been prioritizing that time in our family as a ritual of connection, story telling, and wisdom. It’s only about 30 minutes in length, but we’ve been taking time to truly enjoy food, thank God for the miracle of the feast and the provision of food, and strengthen family bonds through sharing tales from our day.

And we’re thinking about how to broaden the community around the table by inviting neighbors and students for a time of regular connection over feasting.

I’m learning more about the feast and what it means to put on a feast of smells, tastes, and textures to delight and represent God’s marvelous design. I’m learning more about storytelling and what it means to share the stories of our day.

I’ll report back as I learn more and more.


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