Still on the Path

Today I’ve been reflecting on the last several weeks of rest and recuperation. For someone like me who deeply values achievement, goal-setting, and productivity, the unseen work of rest and recuperation feels downright wrong. With low motivation and a proclivity to lounge about more than do anything useful, I feel like a different person. But I realize this:

In seasons of rest and recuperation, you’re still on the path. You’re merely resting by a lovely tree, taking in the scenery, enjoying the shade, and catching your breath. Maybe you’ve even climbed up into a cozy spot in the trees, and you’re sunning yourself. Everyone else races on by, doing their daily tasks, and you just stay still, resting. The path won’t leave you. It doesn’t go anywhere. You won’t miss anything.

One day, you’ll put your feet in motion and move onward. Just not today. Maybe tomorrow.

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