Starting Your Wisdom Journal for the New Year

This morning I have a moment to write down some words of wisdom I heard recently. I remember that from the time I was 18 years old, I recorded words of wisdom in my bedside journal. In order to make it into the journal, the statement had to help me understand God or myself better and ultimately help me live a better life.

I bring back the practice of the Wisdom Journal for 2016, and I hope my daughters adopt this same practice.

What did I write today? Well, I heard a great pastor, James White, speaking with my husband about leading well. We were talking about my husband’s deliberate, foundational ways of leading that bring about order, peace, and fruitfulness (but often seem slower, less energetic, and more introverted). James said to Ashley, “Keep doing what you are doing. You are leading from a position of victory, not as someone trying to gain victory.”

I started clapping when I heard him say that.

I want to live from a position of victory in Christ, not as a woman frantic to gain victory. I’m already there; I’m already in victory because of Jesus. 

This made the Wisdom Journal.

Then, I read this simple but profound quote from Hannah Whitall Smith about God’s love and activity in our lives: “We don’t have to beg Him to bless us. He simply cannot help it.”

This made the Wisdom Journal because I know I’m a beggar before God–as if He wasn’t already wanting to and able to bless abundantly. And the quote made the journal because I want to live in the reality of this loving God all day long.

Do you have a Wisdom Journal? Start one today and share what you write! I’d love to know!


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