Stability Shoes, Hydration, and Taking My Time: Things I Love So Far About the 40’s

Today, I laughed about how my entire shoe collection has everything to do with support and stability. I want to protect my ankles and knees, and with all the walking around I do, I value stability so much more in my 40’s. I even have very thick European walking sandals that look, well, sort of medical and something for precious older folks. Who cares? I can keep up in those shoes! Those shoes! I love them!

I also laughed about my new glamorous accessory. No, it’s not a Birkin handbag or a new bracelet. It’s a water bottle. I carry around my water bottle everywhere, and the day’s goals include hydration. Back in my 20’s and 30’s, I don’t think I ever once put on my list of things to do and grand goals the word hydration. But I don’t want another kidney stone.

And I laughed about how much more I delight in taking my time, savoring the moment, and turning every so slightly from efficiency to enjoyment of the task at hand.

These don’t register as losses or regrets. Instead, I love the way it feels to saunter, sip, and savor.

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