Spirit-Led Walking

I leave for my hour long walk. It takes me that long to feel settled inside and to let all my thoughts roam as they wish. Usually, about 20 minutes in, I’m breathing in the fresh air, thinking clearly, and so glad for my heart that’s pumping blood and warming me against this cold air. 40 minutes in, and life feels manageable; deadlines seem reasonable; children seem delightful; and chores seem refreshing. By now, I’m observing the beauty in nature, from the smallest pinecone to the largest expanse of afternoon winter sky.

Oh, the daily walk! I have missed you! I love you!

(And, when you’re a writer and sit for long days at the keyboard, I highly recommend the hour-long walk to help your joints, shoulders, and back.)

Sometimes, I feel compelled to leave for this same walk, and many times, it just so happens I’ll run into someone who needs prayer or encouragement. Today, I meet a new neighbor who just moved in a few weeks ago–a complete stranger now turned new friend–and I knew it was a divine appointment. She needed something I could provide, and it was as if God sent me to her. And had I left my house even a moment earlier or later, I would have missed our intersection down the road.

We walk for so many benefits, but sometimes we walk because God sends us.

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