Spaghetti Squash Baked Ziti Boats

We’re so excited about a new family recipe. It involves cutting open two spaghetti squash, taking out the seeds, and roasting them for about an hour in 400 degree oven. This will obviously warm your kitchen on winter days, too, so keep this in mind for later!

Each family member puts their cooked half on a plate (serves 4) and then uses a fork to shred up the squash. Then, they fill their squash half with marinara sauce (or any jarred or fresh sauce), ricotta, Parmesan, fresh garden herbs (basil, oregano), and salt and pepper. Gently mix. Then you can place the squash boats back into the oven under the broiler for just a minute to melt all the cheeses and brown the top.

For plant-based or vegan friends, you can use nutritional yeasts as your cheese and add a splash of almond milk to make the ziti boat more creamy. It’s great with just the squash, sauce, and herbs!

Enjoy a fun and healthy dinner. Here’s a good recipe to follow if you want to make sure you’re on the right track. We just improvise ours: You’ll find great pictures on that website, too!

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