Sometimes You Slide Along

On the icy driveway this morning, I find myself skating along in my slippers. It’s the only way to travel on ice. You can’t run. You can’t even walk without your legs flying out from under you. So you slide along.

I call out to my family about the treachery of the driveway. Once safe in the car, the slow, careful travel continues. We pass by an accident. We spin our wheels on ice. We barely move along the road behind all the other morning travelers.

The whole commute–from icy driveway to school and back–takes double the time. And when I’m back to my driveway, I exit the car and begin my skate back to the house.

Some days are like this. Some years are like this. Conditions aren’t right to move quickly, to run along with the warm wind and sun on your face, or to even walk without effort. Sometimes, you must get by and play it safe. It’s the season for caution and for waiting, for inching along and for a little danger. So it’s a different walk. You’re trusting God more as you deal with these new life constraints, whatever they might be.

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