Some New Things to Try in the Kitchen

I love trying new recipes. It’s a joyful, creative moment away from my regular work of the day. I recently tried these Three Ingredient Cookies (banana, oats, and chocolate chips). They work so well with ripe bananas. I didn’t think I would like these, but I did! And my daughter loves them.

I also tried a Veggie “pasta” Recipe with Lemon and Goat Cheese that I loved. It is a light, lemony dish. I bought pre-spiralized veggies at the store, and then I added grated carrot to the recipe.

When I think about my life in the kitchen–and the thousands of meals I will have made by the time my children leave the house for college–(I think I counted once and it’s well over 5,000) I realize the secret to avoiding the tedium of making dinner. It’s novelty! It’s experimentation! At least for me, that’s kept things fun in the kitchen all these years.

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