So You Make a New Thing

You know the old expression that if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade? Well, yesterday, life gave me a bagful of chili peppers from a neighbor’s overflowing farm.

They sat on my counter in a bag. This? What do I do with this?

Today, I found myself remembering how much I love stuffed peppers. I immediately began roasting these peppers and followed the steps to create a delicious treat. I’m using this recipe, and as I write this, the peppers roast:

Who wouldn’t love a pepper stuffed with cheese and fried? What a delight!

And I know this: Sometimes life gives us what we don’t think we need or could ever use. Sometimes we sit in the kitchen and endure this thing. It could be sad news or an interruption to your life. This? What do I do with this? 

You make something new.

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