Small, Easy Changes

I love thinking about how small interventions into your life can create major ripple effects of well-being. Try these: drink another glass of water; eat an apple; go to bed at the same time every night; record 5 things you’re thankful for; walk for 15 minutes around the block.

In a classroom, you can also make small, easy interventions that create major ripple effects. Try this: learn every name; check often for understanding; play music to increase the positive mood to enhance learning; share your life by telling students what you’re making for dinner.

In a family, you can make small, easy interventions that create beautiful effects. Try these: create a new tradition like pizza on Friday night; play one round of cards after dinner; start a family prayer journal; build a few surprises into the week.

Think of whatever “system” you belong to (yourself, your family, your work environment, and your friendships) and implement a tiny, easy positive change.

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