Sleep On It

I love this quote from James Clear’s newsletter today: “Your problems adjust to their true level of importance after a hard workout and a good night of sleep.” His words reminded me of the wise advice of a mentor who once told me that, sometimes, the most spiritual thing you can do for yourself is take a nap. We often overwork our minds trying to solve a problem, or we ruminate on things that seem overwhelming. But after we take a walk and enjoy a great night’s sleep, suddenly, life might feel more manageable. That big problem seems less important, and the things that do require your attention might rise in importance when you feel clear-headed from movement and rest.

There’s also wisdom in delay. You don’t need to know the answer right now. You don’t need to act to solve that problem this very minute. What if you slept on it? What if you took a walk? Things might look different in the morning.

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