Sky So Blue

It’s a gorgeous day in Pennsylvania. It’s finally time to bring out my solar-powered fountain! I read in my E. Stanley Jones devotional this morning about a college girl who finally made Jesus the center of her life and felt as though she had “swallowed sunshine.” It’s a day that feels like this, and the internal joy matches the beautiful of the outside world.

My youngest daughter and I take a long walk through the neighborhood. In the springtime, it’s easy to take hour-long walks, not only for fitness and mental health, but also for having a great relationship with family members. It’s nearly impossible not to have a warm conversation when you’re out in nature for an hour or so. Later today, my oldest daughter and I will go out in search of the rare lady slipper orchids that bloom right around this time of year. Meanwhile, we bask in the sunshine. We swallow it down!

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