Sitting and Thinking

Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard several people talk about when they think. 

I hear two different people talk about how, when they gave up their phones, they had so much time to just think. They thought about what they needed to think about. I also heard about a man who devotes an entire day for “thinking.”

I’m thinking about thinking today. I’m thinking about not distracting myself when I’m waiting in line, walking across campus, or relaxing at home. I can allow myself to think.

It seems so old-fashioned, like from another time gone by, to think and not always do in the form of communication, information overload, and noise.

I sit in the yellow chair and gaze out at the icy weeping cherry. I watch my neighbor take her little daughter out to put a hat on the snowman they built together. I think about when my girls were so small like this. I think about what the mother and little girl will do next, and a whole story emerges in my mind about this little one, her snowman, and her 3 year old life.

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