Simple Traditions of Easter

I announce all day long, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’! It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin'”

It’s a good Friday.

We eat Good Friday pastries–little danishes and chocolate filled croissants–and we talk about our cooking plans for the weekend. We’ll go to a Good Friday service this evening, and then tomorrow, we’ll do some spring cleaning. That evening, we’ll tell the story of Easter using our Resurrection Eggs that the girls loved ever since they were little.

We’ll bake the Lemonade Layer Cake and make the Deviled Eggs. We’ll prepare the honey ham and make the potato kugel that our Jewish friends suggested.

On Sunday, we’ll see what fills our Easter Baskets, and we’ll rejoice that He is risen.

Pastries, church, resurrection eggs, the Easter cake, the deviled eggs, the festive baskets, and the Easter meal: it’s what helps us celebrate the greatest day in history that Jesus rose from the dead. He will rise!

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