Simple Gratitude

I love the practice of keeping a gratitude journal each morning. Today, I find myself so thankful for things that keep to a theme: nature. 

Do you find your gratitude contains a theme?

I’m thankful that my Christmas amaryllis will bloom in the next few days. I’m thankful for the beautiful moon on the crisp winter night. I’m thankful for a cat curled up on my lap. I’m thankful for my orchids that once again have thrived on neglect and will also bloom soon. I’m thankful for snow. While we aren’t supposed to enjoy a white Christmas this year, today the forecast shows flurries. I cannot wait to pull out my new snow boots when the time comes.

It you aren’t in the habit of keeping a gratitude journal, let me suggest this as one of my top 3 mental health practices (next to daily walking and prayer). I record just five things a day. You can also list people you are thankful for, and then you can send them a message of thanks sometime that day. Add your husband and children to that list if you haven’t affirmed them in a while! Ha! You will feel so good as you cultivate a thankful heart.

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