Sharing Your Life

I’m headed home from speaking in South Carolina. What a wonderful event centered on being at a grand table as we’re seated with Christ. The napkins were a silky gold if that tells you anything! Pictures forthcoming!

I love the honor of sharing my life with others. And I love the stories I hear while on the road. So many times, a woman will tuck a book into my purse, and I discover later it’s the book she wrote about her story. This time, in addition to a new book on a mother’s journey of trusting God through the illness and paralysis of her child, I accepted other gifts including the church’s Southern Recipes cookbook. I had the best conversation about missing all the southern delights, so a dear new friend made sure I had the only cookbook I needed. And I have a menu plan for “Sunday Supper” that includes pot roast, macaroni and cheese, greens made with fat back, and something called pineapple casserole. It’s good to add in a meal like this!

Meanwhile, I dressed up: Notice the pearls.

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