Settled Down

This morning, I read about the idea of “[keeping] ourselves in God’s love” from Hannah Whitall Smith. She writes that keeping ourselves in God’s love “does not mean, as so many think, to keep ourselves loving Him. It means to settle ourselves down, as it were, into His love as an absolute and unalterable fact, to take up our abode in it, and to stay in it forever. It means never to doubt His love or fear losing it, but to believe in it and trust it, despite all seeming to the contrary, utterly and steadfastly forever.”

When we settle down into God’s love, we have a new home.

It doesn’t matter where we go, with whom we find ourselves, or when. There’s another interior reality of being settled into a new region where love operates at all times.

In this abode, love rules. In her other writings, we learn about God always operating from a ruling power of love and goodness on our behalf. Think about that love, goodness, and tenderness.

Settle down into it.

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