Settle In

On this Mother’s Day, I find myself in traffic. My husband says, “Just settle in.” We’re going to sit here for awhile—or else inch along—and there’s no use complaining about it, resisting it, or imagining another scenario in which I’m not in traffic.

No. I’m in traffic. This is happening. When my husband says to settle in like someone getting cozy for a movie or for puzzles on a snowy day, I think about how anyone settles in to traffic.

But you can. There’s music, conversation, prayer, worship, jokes, even writing. There’s observing all the cars and the landscape all around. There’s time for pondering. There’s napping for those not driving. There’s planning and dreaming.

So I’m learning still to settle in to whatever the journey feels like today.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers settling in to their lives.

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