Serving Pie on Pi Day

You know I’m not a math person at all. At all. But when my youngest reminds me to serve pie–in particular apple pie–for Pi day, I find myself excited. (Every family, I think, has a child that’s the “Keeper of the Traditions.” For us, it’s my youngest, Kate).

It’s not just pie, though. It’s all the traditions and all the routines. They matter so much to children! I know this. So even though folks have teased me about my after school snacks and the little tea parties I still arrange for my teenage daughters right at 4:00 PM, it’s a tradition that I love so much.

Yes, it’s extra. Yes, it’s something more suited for little ones. But whenever I can hold on to traditions, routines, and regular daily demonstrations of love, I want to do it.

But I’m not crazy. I’m not making the apple pie. I’m off to buy it, of course!

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