Seek the Lord for Wisdom

When hearing the news this week of the loss of life in Haiti because of the earthquake, of the terror in Afghanistan, and of more COVID-19 hospitalizations, we can feel scared, numb, and confused about what we can do. I’m in a small town in Pennsylvania, but I look around my large house, and I wonder if I could one day house Afghan refugees here. I look at my finances, and I think about spending what I have on others.

If you’re reading this from a comfortable, safe home in the United State, for example, it’s possible that you’re near a large church who might send aid to both Haiti and Afghanistan through reputable and legitimate organizations. You might have the opportunity to house refugees. You might feel led by the Lord to donate money or to give of your resources in some way. Mostly, we can pray. We can ask God to direct our prayers, our resources, and our attention to His purposes for our families when we hear about suffering people. We need God’s wisdom for the days ahead in large and small ways.

Specifically today, I pray that God strengthens the persecuted Christians in Afghanistan and that He gives people wisdom for their next steps. I pray He makes His presence known in a powerful, undeniable way.


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