Seasons of Hard Work

My more intense season of speaking and traveling has officially ended (with the exception of a trip to visit my home church in May) until September. In fact, I’m writing this on the flight home from California.

At the same time, I’m about to post my final grades for my Penn State writing classes. For these past few months, I have learned to trust God through a season of simply working hard. My friend calls it a season of being a hardworking farmer¬†who works for a season and then enjoys a harvest later.

Some seasons bring the hard work of whatever task God ordains. At other times, we embrace long stretches of rest, waiting, or prayer. These too represent a version of work, but it’s a more inward, peaceful kind of season. I feel this about writing manuscripts. It’s a different, quieter kind of work.

In any season, we trust the Lord, keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, and do what the season requires. He is with us and gives us all we need. And as I fly back to the East Coast, I’m so grateful that God sustained me and will continue to sustain me. I never have to worry when He ushers in a new season; instead, I learn more about depending on God, developing my spiritual life, and loving those in my path–no matter what kind of season I’m in.

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