Saving Your Work

Whenever I start a new manuscript, I remember to save my work in a few locations. In case a file becomes corrupted somehow (which has happened), or in case I accidentally delete it (happened too), or if some strange thing happens where I lose my work (and this), I always email a backup of the latest version. I know one can always retrieve autosaved versions and work miracles deep within a word processing program to find lost work, but the wound from losing work before still festers.

So I save my work.

I thought of this today when I emailed myself the latest version of a document. I thought of how it matters to save the latest version. I don’t want to lose it. And I realized something profound:

This concept of saving my work applies heartily to my spiritual life as well. This explains why I journal so much and memorize so much scripture. It explains why I keep a record of God’s dealings with me. I always have a record of the most latest version of myself. When I feel lost, I can go back to where I was with God. It’s a fun way to think about journaling.

It’s a way of saving the work God is writing on your heart.

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