Same Message, Updated Delivery

I’m learning what it means to update my methods–in both teaching and speaking–to help engage audiences, keep me on my toes, and prevent burnout. I’ve heard that many teachers simply burn out after years of teaching the same material.

They’re bored. The audiences are bored. Everyone is bored.

The teacher might therefore change the content of her message instead of changing the delivery of the message. I’ve found that the message holds up; the lessons in the classroom and on stage don’t expire.

But the method can. So I’ve had the best time streamlining my class to incorporate the best videos, digital presentations, online discussions, and effective online peer reviews. It’s about enhancing the experience of digesting your content. It’s the same content, just a different delivery.

On stage, it’s tempting to dazzle with something new instead of speaking about the same passages of scripture. But they hold up. Instead, I love thinking about the latest research into how we learn and remember information. I consistently read about the high value of narrative to transport readers instead of facts and data. Same content, but different delivery. And I consider how to change my manner of speaking to help with memorability. Same content, but different delivery. I lesson the data on screens and in videos and streamline to one or two main points.

It’s always the same material, but I’ve loved updating the delivery.

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