Room for Everyone

This morning I remembered how everyone contributes something just by who they are. There’s room for you. Don’t be discouraged about your work. The world needs it. Don’t think that because it’s not viral, trending, or talked about that it’s not important.

Sometimes I see creative people shut down because their area of work seems saturated by other talent. They see too many other people writing on their topic or posting about things they also think about or create. But consider this: the world’s population currently stands at 7.7 billion people. Is it possible that you could find a niche in there, an audience, and a place to produce your excellent work? Yes! You can! You won’t be famous–that’s unlikely (and who would want to be)–but you’ll shine in your perfect network of people who appreciate you and need your contribution. (I just read that 0.0086% of the world is “famous,” so stop worrying about it as a goal.)

There’s room for you.

And it’s a beautiful, perfect room.

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