Rise. Cry. Hope.

Early this morning, I read the words of the priest in Psalm 119:147:

I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my hope in your word.

As you know, I love concise writing; in fact, this week, I’m teaching my students the art of the “micro-message.” It’s a way of condensing writing down. It’s a technique to make writing memorable, repeatable, and teachable to others. Think of the smallest kind of writing like the hashtag or the tweet. That’s a micro-message.

I think of the micro-messages I carry in my heart from scripture–even down to the verbs I love like Seated, Guarded, Included, and now Chosen– and this little verse summarizes my life lately.

I rise. I cry out. I hope. More specifically, I put my hope in scripture. I believe scripture.

I believe that what God promises in the Bible, He will fulfill in our lives.

I love the simplicity of Psalm 119:147.

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