Remember Faith

It’s silly, I know. I forget that I’m living by faith.

When I cannot see the way ahead, I remember this is a life of faith.

When I do not feel like I can love someone, I remember to love by faith.

When I cannot find the motivation to do my work, I sit down and begin by faith.

When I feel estranged from others and even myself, I remember everything about God’s love and purpose for me by faith.

When I don’t feel equipped for the task before me, I press on by faith.

When I’m scared, I remember my faith.

Opposite the life of faith sits the life of needing to always see clearly, of self-effort, of emotion, of waiting to feel just right, of waiting too long to begin, and of holding back from my purpose because I’m afraid.

What if all this has come to you, to me, because we are growing in our life of faith?

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