I’m finally feeling better after the kidney stone surgery! The stent is out! Now, I think about reentry.

I’m behind in all my grading, and I’ve haven’t made any progress on my manuscript that’s due in January. I canceled so many meetings and even a speaking event. Everything in life just stopped. I haven’t really done anything but lounge about for the past 11 days—drinking water and managing pain. I did teach my classes and then immediately return to bed. I did try to take a walk once. I did make dinner last night (Ina Garten’s Chicken Piccata–highly recommend).

But today is a new day. When you have a surgery like this, you realize you made it through a trial. You feel stronger, less afraid of pain, and proud of yourself for surviving something terrible. You feel thankful for God’s perfect timing, God’s provision of doctors and medical care, and God’s blessing of friends. You’re thankful for God’s peace and very real Presence.

*And now I know exactly how to comfort you if you ever have to endure kidney stone surgery.

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