After four days of travel away from home, I attend to the task of reentry. I always feel better once I unpack my suitcase, start a load of laundry, eat a nice meal with my family, and start to catch up, little by little, on missed work. It takes a few days to feel rested and oriented back to home and work life.

During reentry periods, it matters to stay available to family members who want to have a long conversation, to resting, and to thinking carefully about what you can put off another day so you’re more refreshed. It’s a time to hydrate, eat vegetables and cleansing foods, and take brisk walks. It’s a time to prioritize unpacking and finishing laundry because it closes the door on the travel and opens the door back to your regular life.

Travel can be hard on the body. A reentry plan helps you transition back home and keeps you healthy.

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