Reconnect with Joyful Things

I’ve recently reconnected with my love of college basketball. I loved attending college basketball games when I went to the University of Virginia. And now that I’m at Penn State, I have followed and cheered loudly for the Penn State basketball team.

My husband and I love doing this together. We even now go to home games with another couple. We love connecting with fans, grabbing popcorn and a Coke, and doing all the cheers with the crowd. I love attending basketball games because they are inexpensive, there’s no tailgate culture, and you’re home within two hours. It’s the best! It’s a joyful and truly fun experience.

So many of us aren’t the best at finding fun things to do in our lives. We work all the time, or we’re always worried about something and stressed out. Attending a college basketball game is one way to enjoy something fun. I hope you find that truly fun activity in 2020.

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